What COVID-19 Gave Me (Part V): Working Not From Work

What COVID-19 Gave Me (Part V): Working Not From Work

You’re probably tired of hearing it. “COVID changed everything.” Well. It changed a lot, if not everything. It helped some of us focus on priorities. Some of us had a chance to right previous wrongs after spending months at home in tight quarters with our families. For others (like me), it was a golden opportunity to separate ourselves from one professional definition in search of another. No matter what COVID changed in your life, I think what’s important is understanding what some of those changes have meant and will mean in the long-run.

In this week’s meditation, I discuss yet another positive influence I’ve encountered because of the pandemic. Working “from home” is really more working from anywhere, evidenced by the scores of people I’ve found on Zoom meetings with coffee shops, restaurants, and parks in the background. And I think it’s a good thing. I’ve seen too many corporate managers lament the work-from-home model now so many people endorse for fear of losing productivity or, at best, the fruits of serendipitous meetings among employees at the proverbial water cooler. But what we lose by not gathering in the office, we gain in potentially equal measure by gathering anywhere else. I’ve learned this recently, now unshackled from the home office yet still working for a company that allows us flexibility in where and how we work. I’ve been inspired by some of the places I’ve spent working hours, often more so than I might have been had I spent all those hours in the same office space. And I even like my office and co-workers.

Integrity. Loyalty. Endurance.

Ep. 16: Integrity. Loyalty. Endurance.

The longer I live and work, the more convinced I become that maintaining a set of personal core values is critical to long-term personal growth and success. If we’re not operating from an anchor or guidepost that is concise and motivating, how do we know we’re progressing? Hopefully we’re not stagnating. And I really hope, for the sake of everyone around us, we’re not regressing.

This week’s episode focuses on my own three core values. My definitions for each have evolved over the years, but I’ve stood by all three more than 20 years. Since high school, I’ve believed deeply in the power each of these words carry. So I hope you find value in this episode. More importantly, I hope my explanation of what drives me challenges you to have a similar conversation–with yourself and those closest to you. Until we’re ready for such a talk, we’re not ready to start the long process of upgrading ourselves to become who we KNOW we can become.