I’m curious. About everything. And everyone I meet. My goals change as time goes on. But one that never does day-to-day: I want to learn something new with every sunrise God grants me.

I suffer from chronic “shiny object” syndrome and am often working multiple projects, reading multiple books, and nursing multiple ideas…all at the same time. It can be a lot, especially if you don’t know me. I’ve spent years apologizing for it. This site, redesigned, is a step forward in my attempt to stop.

I spent 13 years in the Air Force as a Minuteman III crewmember. I’m grateful for my time on active duty and the opportunities I had to learn and do some cool stuff. I do my best to continue serving today while focusing on my own reading, research, and long-term purpose.

If you’re new to the site (or to me), it’s probably best to start here. Otherwise, I love to stay connected–find me online on LinkedIn or Facebook.