First of all, who needs coaching?

It’s a good question–and one you should ask anyone who approaches you with a coaching program. Though I’ve been building my coaching practice for close to four years, I’ve been coaching, training, and leading my whole adult life. So like any other coach, trainer, speaker … I assumed my core message and program would resonate as soon as I ‘put it out there’ for the world to see. I know, RIDICULOUS right?!

In truth, I didn’t understand the value of coaching until I hired my first coach. I was building my first business and found him through a fellow airmen who’d been researching the same industry. My coach (we’ll call him “Tim”) had a large client base and boasted millions in revenue from his program and hundreds of thousands in revenue garnered for his clients. He wasn’t at all accessible in a one-on-one format, but was great on conference calls and appeared to listen and respond to questions when we had them. I learned a lot from that experience but two lessons stuck out the most: 1) An effective coach must meet their client more than halfway for results to happen and 2) investment in coaching isn’t a one-and-done deal, like buying an online course.

I’ve since invested in three other coaches, each worth more than the one who came before. Each program was designed around different objectives and based on a unique message. I selected each one deliberately as I worked on the lifelong projects of me–as a leader, teacher, husband, father, and businessman.

I believe everyone needs coaching but few want it. Why? Because a true coach won’t tell you what you want to hear. Our job isn’t to support your current goals and repeat back an answer you think is right. It’s to CHALLENGE you…into thinking BIGGER, asking IMPORTANT questions of yourself, and achieving a VISION and set of GOALS far superior to the original set you had in mind. That’s what great coaches do for their clients. And what I do for mine.

So what do you do?

I work with leaders. Period. Public and private sector, for-profit and not. Teachers, fire fighters, accountants. No matter where your live or what you do for a living, if you want to serve others and become a person of influence so that your team or community is better for it, I’ll work with you.

I will work with you as you work on yourself. From where you are now into the adaptive, innovative, self-assured leader you will be. If you’re ready to talk about how, email me or send me a direct message on LinkedIn or Facebook. If you need to know the syllabus or structure or cost up front, before we have one or more conversations, then I won’t be the coach for you.

Coaching is, by definition, an exercise in individual development. While one coach may have many clients or students or athletes, that coach is designing an approach and program for each one of those clients, students, and athletes. So until I get to know you, I can’t produce a 4, 8, or 12-week program that fits a template of objectives. After I know you and understand your situation and goals, I can devise a plan and discuss how much it will cost over time. If you’re still reading this far down but are still stuck on price, leave the page now and find someone else. As one of my favorite personal development experts writes, we always should “focus on worth, not cost.”

Okay, okay I get it! I’m ready to talk … and I still have questions.

Well that’s a great sign. The best leaders ask questions.

I’d love to talk with you if you are truly ready to become a leader who is fearless under pressure, concerned for others’ goals and welfare ahead of your own, and adamant about making a real difference where you live and work. If that’s you, email me or send me a message on LinkedIn or Facebook and LET’S GET TO WORK!