Teach, Train, LEAD.

Welcome to Enabled Word! My name is Arun Chittur, owner and dedicated teacher, trainer, and coach. Whatever the reason you came upon my site, let me first say thank you. I hope you’ve found something here of interest … and if you’re reading this post, I hope you’ll allow me to take another minute or two of your time to explain what Enabled Word is all about.

I started Enabled Word in 2017 to respond what I fear was a lack of investment. Investment in success. In vision. In the potential of motivated teams who end up frustrated at the hands of short-sighted training and disconnected leadership. We help leaders who care about more than the next day and the next dollar–to craft a lasting vision of success and create development programs in support of that vision. Development programs that provide meaning for team members and create real engagement with the organization’s mission.

Enabled Word supports your organization’s vision using the Teach-Train-Lead™ model.

Teach. Education is the foundation of engagement and a healthy system. Leaders should invest much in return for little, introducing team members to the organization’s history, principles, and core values. The goal is to build understanding and a common identity that binds everyone on the team together–no matter their role or level of positional authority.

Train. Training is vital to empowering team members and preparing them to embody the organization’s core values. Effective training is tailored to the person’s role and adaptive in a way that challenges their problem-solving skills while allowing for mistakes without retribution. Your investment and your trainee’s return are reciprocal; as you present and hone skills in training, they work to practice and improve those skills before performing them in the real world with customers and while handling products. Team members who are well-trained are armed as leaders in their own right and ready to make the best decisions they can on the organization’s behalf.

Lead. Your vision and training has enabled your team to move out on their own and grow as leaders in their own specialties. You’re less involved on a daily basis, yet the returns are astronomical as team members take ownership of their functions and the products and services your organization provides.

I believe in the power of invested development and enabling leadership. Through Enabled Word, I hope to spread that word and help teams worldwide realize their visions of the future!


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    1. Elaine, thank you! I appreciate your sharing the article and am happy to answer any questions or expand on anything you or your colleague would like.

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