Where Are You Unstoppable?

The Last Question Episode 14: Where Are You Unstoppable? | Tim Grover’s “Relentless”

Wait, don’t click away! If you’re looking for The Last Question podcast’s next episode, you are in fact in the right spot! TheLastQuestion.blog is still live and a great landing spot for fans of the show, but today I’m coming straight to you from my original website. What you may have known as Enabled Word is now simplified as the online home and hub for all of my work. If you follow the TLQ blog, you’ll still see content published exclusively to that platform that focuses on important, higher-order questions that no one should be afraid to ask. If you’ve been an EW follower, you probably noticed this website went on a couple-month hiatus. It’s life has ebbed and flowed in the last couple years as I’ve been working hard on myself, my businesses, and most critically … who it is sitting behind this laptop and what lines of effort mean the most to me and my audience. The result of my asking many of those questions (more than once) is the website you’ve now landed on.

With that ‘light’ introduction out of the way, I won’t delay bringing you this week’s podcast episode any longer! This week in Episode 14, I explore some of the key lessons from Tim Grover’s book Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable. If you’re familiar with Grover’s second book, W1nning, this episode dives into his first book (which you absolutely must read). You’ll hear more on the podcast … for me, Grover’s debut book delivered a ton for me to digest personally. I’m in touch with what I can do and where I want to be unstoppable, but it’s a totally different story when it comes time to act on those instincts. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

Beyond the podcast, browse the new site and of course (!) subscribe to my newsletter if you haven’t already. While TLQ’s blog will still feature some of my random inquiries and musings, I’m keeping this site for the more ‘grounded’ side of my work. These posts will be longer-form essay seeking to tackle tough questions and suggest solutions moving forward. Solving problems starts with identifying what the problem truly is, both an art and a science we’ve lost touch with in some spaces. Leaders across all domains and of all stripes need to know how to properly identify problems and reason their way to ideas that become viable solutions. As you’ll see if you read about me, it’s taken me a long time to harness my “shiny object syndrome” and propensity to ask several questions, across several seemingly unique disciplines, all while intending for the answers to converge upon a like point. Because everything we do is connected and every person we are is too. A lot more so than you might think. Solving problems also requires the capacity to integrate the information and ideas we cultivate in our own minds and those we receive from others’.

Enjoy Episode 14 and stay tuned for plenty more to come!

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